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All testimonies are submitted by pupils

Well to start with I am feeling short of words to write anything about Micheal as whatever I write will be less.I would die -hardly recommend Micheal whosoever is looking for the best quality and best instructor Micheal is the name.He has got the solution for everything when it comes to driving. He gives one to one tutoring and also always there on time and on top of that very punctual to send reminder for lessons a day before. Also he is always there to listen to the feedbacks whenever student returns after test from the examiner itself.He is really motivating and if learner goes wrong he always take notes of the mistake and repeats the same route till learner corrects himself/herself.His learning stays in the mind as he always tries his best methods of drawing pictures of route and is always very organised and well equipped for his lessons.He really wants his learner to get the best of him.That is the best part of his teaching.That is about his teaching and genuinely Micheal I adore you as a human being and feel privileged to know you.Still I got to take your autograph.Micheal May God bless you and your family with all the happiness in the world.lots and lots of love

Kashti Arora, Isleworth, TW7

I strongly recommend Michael O. Torosyan from PDSM. I had serval instructors before I met Michael. After I met Michael I realised that I have wasted my time with other instructors. He is always on time. He will text to remind you one day before your driving lesson, after the lesson he take time with you to go through what went wrong and what needed to be improve for your next lesson. He is very reliable and patient. He will train you to be confident person on the roads. Never looses his composure. Guess what for all those above reason I have passed my driving test without any errors, they call ZERO FAULT.

Aung. Kensington, W8

If anyone wants to pass their test first time, I’d definitely recommend learning with PDSM Driving School. Michael was always punctual, professional and prompt advice and gives correction when required. He is reliable, supportive and patient. He guided me every step of the way. He encourages me and at the end of each lesson he gives me handout to read.

I would strongly recommend him to everyone. When I passed first time I didn't need to look anywhere else for Pass Plus driving lessons. Thanks Prime Drive School of Motoring (PDSM).

Juliet. Greenford, UB6

Firstly, I would like to thank Michael for accommodating me at a short notice when I had problem with a previous instructor and had a test booked in already. I found Michael’s teaching techniques very simple, effective and encouraging – and that makes all the difference! He is also spot-on in terms of pointing your weakness and focussing on correcting the problem area. Michael’s genuine interest reflects in his way of teaching. He is punctual and does not waste time.

I passed first time with Michael. After this, I went on to take the pass plus with him to further build my confidence and improve driving skills, that also went very well and I honestly recommend him to my friends and anyone else who wishes to learn from an experienced ,encouraging & professional instructor.

Sindu. Hanwell, W7

Michael is a very reliable and effective driving instructor. He always arrived early, and he always had a plan of what we were hoping to achieve in each lesson, and at the end of the lesson, what we were hoping to achieve during the next lesson. His clear and structured method of teaching enables steady progression, and explains why he has such a high rate of first time passes. I would definitely recommend him.

Lucy. Ealing, W5

A big 'Thank You' to Michael for not only helping me pass first time round but also instilling the required knowledge to become a good driver. Very punctual, structured lessons, flexible slots, very good knowledge about test routes, very patient and highly professional. I would highly recommend him!

Alankrita. Greenford, UB6

Tuition from Michael was really great: he remained patient, always explained everything, and had simple algorithms for manoeuvres that worked every single time! He is very courteous and charming person and very pleasant to deal with, while being to the point and direct in explaining how to improve your driving. I will send my son to Michael to learn when the time comes. Can not recommend Michael high enough!

Daria. Ealing, W5 

I was recommended to Michael O. Torosyan, by my brother, who had passed his driving test with Prime Drive ( with Michael ). I found Michael to be a very professional driving instructor. Michael always sent a text a day before the lesson confirming the next day’s lesson, arrived to all lessons on time. Michael always had a structure for the lesson, and always ended the lesson with reflection on performance and spoke about the areas to tackle in the forthcoming lesson. Leading up to my driving test date, my lessons were tailored to focus on specific areas of my driving. I felt that Michael’s overall aim is to teach safe driving for life. I am so glad that I have passed my driving test and thank Michael for his time and patience.

 Khadija Khan. White City, W12

I've just passed my driving test first time with Michael.
Where to begin, I cannot describe how highly I recommend him. I've tried a couple of driving instructors in the past, and they cannot even touch Michael !
From a complete beginner to passing my test I've had 40 lessons and every single one Michael has turned up on time without fail. Each lesson was planned out to give me a different aim each time so I covered all areas of driving in no time at all !
At the end of each lesson , what I have achieved is recorded so you can really see how much you've progressed and how far you've got to go, so none of your time is wasted .
You won't go wrong booking driving lessons with Michael !
Thanks very much and will always remember you!

Andrew McLaughlin. Ealing, W5

Michael is by far an extraordinary driving instructor! He is calm and patient, never loses his cool and because of this I was able to learn to drive. I have never been an easy client, I am dyspraxic and dyslexic and in the past with other instructors I found it really hard to learn - they just didn't understand my disabilities.

On the day of my test I had a major panic attack and felt useless and really had decided not to go through with it. Michael turned up an hour earlier than scheduled and sat with me for ages until I had calmed down enough to leave home and go for my test. All through the hour preceding my exam he patiently reminded me of what to do etc.

The result. I Passed first time!!!!!

Thank you Michael for going on beyond the call of duty and making me believe in myself.

Toby lynch. Hanwell, W7

Just want to thank Michael for teaching me his efficient techniques in driving. He prepared me for my theory test which I passed first time. He is a very honest and reliable driving instructor.  He is very flexible with his hours and he will always try and fit you into your preferred time. When taking my driving test, Michael made me feel more confident. I PASSED FIRST TIME. Taking lessons with Michael will make you pass FIRST TIME.



Artemis. Acton, W3

Thank you so much for all your help to pass my driving test. Without you it would not have been possible. Your friendly attitude and hard work together with your simple but crystal clear instructions have helped me to pass the test this time around.
Your visual aids and reference points were the key tools that enabled me to successfully complete a reverse parking manoeuvre, as well as positioning the car in good positions throughout the test! I really liked the way you encouraged me to progress my driving skills  by providing a constructive feedback at the end of each lessons. Your knowledge of the test routes are simply impressive.
I wish you and your family all the best in the future and have a very Merry Christmas!
Sendem. Richmond, Surrey

I had a fantastic experience of learning to drive with my instructor. He was patient, firm and so helpful especially for someone as slow as me ! Always on time and definitely recommended.

Martha. Greenford, UB6

Michael, where do I begin. There is no word good enough even in the Oxford English dictionary to describe how much you have changed my life. When I first started I was so nervous and afraid but Michael's patience and understanding made me feel comfortable and at ease. I have been attempting to drive for a long time and he helped me reach my goal, so much so that I believe that it has overshadowed my degree, that's how bad I wanted it. I can indefinitely say that Michael is the best driving instructor ever, all instructors fall way below him. He is just too good. I recognise Micheal as an Instructor and a companion.

Zoubair. Greenford, UB6

I am in my late 40’s and felt I might find learning to drive difficult.  Michael was brilliant at boosting my confidence as learner.  He broke down the process of learning into a step-by-step approach that carefully introduced the right skills at the right time.   I am happy to report that I just passed my test on the first try!  I would highly recommend Michael as driving instructor.  In fact he is now teaching my 18-year-old son to drive.

Kristen. Ealing, W13

Michael is a very good instructor, I think he is the best instructor ever. I passed first time around with him. He takes his time to teach you,very detailed. I will recommend him any day to any one, no matter the distance, cost you can not go wrong with him.

Mary Nzewi. Hanwell, W7

Michael is a very good instructor; he is very patient and firm but fair. He makes sure you are competent at all manoeuvres before you take your test and clearly tells you where you are going wrong in plain English. Well recommended if you want to pass your test first time.

Dwain Guadalupe. Hanwell, W7

Friendly and Funny Instructor, Help me to build up my confidence to drive on road after my 1st fail with other instructor and have my test passed with him at the 1st time( with him). Many thanks to him.

Kazaf. White city, W12

Michael was a great instructor. I had previously a test with another well known driving school, so i decided to find a new instructor. He was very fair in his teaching, and complimented my successes while maintaining a strict and knowledgeable manner when correcting me. I passed in one test with him am considering taking the pass plus scheme with him in the future.

Jonathan. Richmond, Surrey

He is ' THE BEST ' driving instructor............!!! 

I was terrified of the test because of my previous exam, where the examiner stopped me in the middle of the test and said it was dangerous driving . I cannot believe that this time the examiner said ' WELL DONE '.

Michael improved my confidence in driving a lot.

Michael was able to tailor the driving lessons according to my faults and provided good structured lessons.
 He would focus on my weaknesses in every driving session. He taught and prepared me well for the driving test. He was genuinely interested in teaching the classes and his favourite quote is 'take your position early'.

 I cannot thank Michael enough...... I never thought I could pass my driving test and I did with only 2 minor mistakes ....I am pretty confident that i can drive on the road now ......... 

I would most certainly recommend PDSM driving school ...!!!

Ramya Dumpala. Ealing, W13

Michael gives very clear instructions and repeatedly goes over things so they are perfect and one feels confident when driving. Also, he covers a lot in a short space of time. Michael always identifies every single mistake, therefore one knows where they go wrong. However he also gives you space to notice your own mistakes. He is daring and very passionate about his work and his students. However he must remain calm and relax. Overall, very good instructior.

Marian Hanna. Ealing, W5

I just wanted to drop a note to say a big thank you for all the help you have given me and in passing my test. Throughout the time you were teaching me I found your methods of teaching, simple but yet thorough and effective. Your constant encouragement and faith in my driving enabled me to pass my test thank you once again.

Annabel. Ealing, W5

I found learning to drive with Michael a good experience. I hadn’t realised how stressful the first few lessons would be it was much more difficult than I had expected, but he made it as painless as possible. Michael was really honest about how I was progressing which was good because I knew he wouldn’t let me do anything which I wasn’t capable of.

 I really appreciated that Michael did not push me a to do anything I was not comfortable with so I learnt at my pace not anyone else’s and he were really good at preparing me for my test, I especially valued his flexibility in fitting in the extra lessons ahead of the test so I felt I was as prepared as I could be.

 I think it is great that Michael is based locally. It is easy to book lessons with him. He was always on time. I have already recommended Michael to my friends!

Tom Goodwin. Ealing, W5

A friend of mine recommended Michel.
Michel was helpful, patient, kind and put me at ease and made it easier for me to learn difficult driving manoeuvres. I passed my test second time with only 2 minors.
Thanks Michel, You are the Star!

Kalyan. Hounslow, TW5

Michael has been a great and friendly teacher, who is calm and patient. Ever since my first lesson, he has always given me confidence behind the wheel and constant reassurance on the road. Best instructor in Ealing, would and have recommended him to everyone,

Dimitriy Drannikov. Ealing, W13

Michael is an excellent teacher.  I had two other instructors before I started with him and he was so much more passionate about teaching and had a lot of great teaching methods. I really enjoyed learning with him, and without him there was no way I would have passed. He makes everything much easier, especially the manoeuvres. Michael took me around all the test routes, so I knew the roads really well, which makes the test much easier.  Michael prints out sheets with simple instructions for manoeuvres and the test questions, which were easy to revise from and helped me a lot.  He is very reliable, always on time and will give you your money’s worth. Michael really cares if you pass and does everything he can to help you as much as possible, scheduling lessons whenever you need and understanding if you have to rearrange. One of the best and most caring teachers I've had and I would definitely recommend him. 

Lauren Murphy. Ealing, W5

With my driving lessons with Michael, I saw dramatic improvement in my driving after starting lessons with him and having failed my first test. He is a great teacher and helped me with the particular issues I struggled with. He ensures that success is achieved and persists until any fault is put right. Not only does he help one pass their test, but he develops one into a much safer and confident driver. My overall driving experience with Michael from PDSM has been enjoyable and worthwhile.
Thanks again for being my teacher
Jenny Stuart. Ealing, W13

When Michael was teaching me how to drive, I got more and more confident of how to drive. He took me to all possible test route that I could be tested on and told me where is my mistakes and he takes me to the test routes again until I am perfect. I have passed with Michael first time.

Mina Hanna. Ealing, W5

I am very happy with the way Michael was patient with my faults and the way he explained me what I need to do. His way of explaining is harsh at times but you realise the good will behind it when you see the changes in your driving. I would defiantly recommend him. Thanks.

Puneet. Hounslow, TW5

Michael made me feel relaxed and never wasted any time! Michael was able to pick out my strengths and weaknesses, and develop my lessons to suit me and was patient with my mistakes. He made every manoeuvre seem easy, and made sure that i was well prepared for my test. He was always on time and if late due to traffic, always contacted me in plenty of  time and made up for lost time. By far one of the best instructors out there, who care for his students and develops them into safe and confident drivers. would recommend to anyone who is learning to drive. (my brothers are also learning to drive with him)

Thanks Michael, for all your help 

Mark Tyrrell. Brentford, TW8

It was really the best experience that I had with Michael. His help and support for helping me pass my driving license test was really needed and his experience really worked. The professional way of teaching and accuracy are two of his best strengths as my view. I will really recommend all my friends and relatives to see him first if they are looking forward for the driving lessons.

Tushar Patel. Hounslow, TW5

I have found Michael to be an extremely efficient with the way in which he can get the pupil to relax and take in everything, clearly. He makes sure you’re improving by the hour. No time is wasted whatsoever.

James Jordan. Hanwell, W7

Michael was an absolutely brilliant instructor, he was firm but fair and gave credit where it was due. Michael was very kind and made me clam whenever i got nervous, Michael will always remain in my heart because he is the reason why I passed my test may god bless him and his family.

Mohammed Osman. Ealing, W13

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